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Activities and Holiday Adventures in the vicinity of Lofoten Fritids Rorbuer:

Enjoy scuba diving?
Then the Lofoten Islands are paradise on earth!

Approx. 1.5 km from the cabins you will find a diver’s centre where equipment can be hired and where they also arrange organized diving expeditions!

Probably the clearest and purest water in Europe. The Gulf Stream incessantly pumps pure Atlantic water between and past the islands, helping maintain the unique aquatic flora and fauna. Beneath the currents and on the underwater cliff walls, there are carpets of soft corals that filter the nutritious waters.

Divers can experience the surge of up to 1.5 kilometre long current dives in the Raftsundet strait, or free fall diving down 50 – 200 metre underwater cliff walls.

There are also areas with crevices and canyons enveloped in endless waving forests of seaweed on the chalk white coral sands.

Here the wolf fish lies in waiting, and they are numerous in the waters of the Lofoten Islands.

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Photo: LofotDykk  

Cycling in the Lofoten Islands!

From Kabelvåg, westwards to Å or eastwards to Digermulen, you can explore and enjoy the idyllic villages, fishing hamlets and wild and wonderful scenery that only the Lofoten Islands can offer.

Cycling tips:
  • Cycle to Svolvær from where there are daily boat trips to the Trollfjorden.
    Make a detour to Henningsvær, renowned for its unique atmosphere and architecture built around the fisheries.
  • Explore Stone Age settlements and the remains of boathouses in Gimsøya, and play Midnight Sun golf at Hov.
  • Enjoy the scenery along the Valberg road and follow the route across Einangen, a beautiful mountain pass, on the road to Leknes.
  • Bicycle ferry from Ballstad to Nusfjord. See tourist information for timetables.
  • The fishing villages are like pearls on a string on the islands of Flakstadøy and Moskenesøy.
  • Boat trips are arranged from Rein to the Refsvikhula Cave and the Maelstrom, one of the world’s strongest tidal currents.


(Foto: Kjell Ove Storvik)

Cycle the entire length of the Lofoten Islands
If you choose to cycle through the Raftsundet straight from Holandshamn to Svolvær and further on from Kabelvåg/Svolvær to the hamlet pf Å, you will be in for a breathtaking experience! Something new is revealed around every single bend in the road: new mountains, a new strait, the open sea or the head of a fjord – en endless series of panoramas. We know that your Lofoten adventure will be memorable and that you will delight in your choice of Lofoten as the arena for your holiday. Welcome to a cycling adventure in Lofoten [Read more...

Hiking or skiing with or without a guide

Should you wish to take part in guided walks in the summer, or to experience the Lofoten mountains together with a guide during the winter, there are a number of companies that can make arrangements for you.

We recommend:

Hiking / skiing with or without a guide all year round.
Lofoten Ramblers’ Association [
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Lofoten Aktiv, Kabelvåg. [Read more...]
Festvåg, Henningsvær [Read more...]
The School of Mountaineering, Henningsvær [Les mer...]

If you are used to walking in the forest, open countryside or mountains, you can safely do so on your own here. However, before you set off we recommend that you talk to someone who knows the local area, and purchase a proper hiker’s map where the routes are clearly shown.


Kayaking trips are also arranged together with experienced guides and you can also enrol on a course if you lack experience in kayaking. If you are accustomed to it, and have your own kayak, then you can go off on your own and explore the shores of the Lofoten Islands. Kayaks are available for hire at Lofoten FritidsRorbuer.

We recommend:

Lofoten Aktiv in Kabelvåg. [Read more...]
CostalOdyssey, Svolvær [Read more....]
Festvåg, Henningsvær [Read more...]

Lofoten Golf Links

For those fond of golfing, the Lofoten Islands offer one of the world’s most spectacular golf courses.

The natural surroundings at Lofoten Golf Links are magnificent and compelling. The sun that never sets, the mountains and the proximity to the sea. So don’t forget to keep your eye on the ball! And allow for the wind, after all, this is a genuine seaside links course!

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Trollfjord tours

Daily trips to the majestic Trollfjord are arranged from Svolvær throughout the entire summer (approx. 10 June to 25 August)..

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Orca / Killer Whale Safaris

You are not merely a spectator, you also become part of a unique natural phenomenon – welcome to a fantastic wildlife experience!

Every autumn hundreds of killer whales (orca) make their way to the Vestfjord to gorge on the Norwegian spring herring. Suddenly the dorsal fin breaks the dark surface of the sea, sweeping across the surface for a fleeting moment before the huge male orca dives into the depths again on his hunt for herring. Shortly afterwards, about another 20 fins breach in a co-ordinated wave behind. They blow and spout and the entire Tysfjord is transformed from calm seas to a veritable symphony of whale breath!
“Fantastisk – Magnifico – Amazing!”
Nothing short of superlatives can be heard from all around the boat as the visitors experience the winter’s greatest adventure. 80 minutes by boat from Svolvær there is an adventure waiting for you!
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Sea Eagle Safaris
Guided sea eagle safaris are arranged throughout the summer. In the Lofoten Islands, we find Scandinavia’s largest concentration of this mighty bird. If you are lucky, you may even see them from the quay outside your cabin. When out in your boat or kayak, sea eagles are a common sight!

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The Lofoten Adventure

The Lofoten Adventure is a series of events held every year in conjunction with the World Cod Fishing Championships – two fantastic festivals in March-April.

The Lofoten Adventure
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The World Cod Fishing Championships
[

Museums and Galleries

At Storvågan, only 1 km from Lofoten Fritids Rorbuer, you will find the Espolin Gallery, the Lofoten Aquarium and the Lofoten Museum (open all year round)

The Lofoten Aquarium - an adventure for all age groups
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The Espolin Gallery
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The Lofoten Museum
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In addition to these, we recommend the Gunnar Berg Gallery at Svinøya in Svolvær and Lofoten House Gallery in Henningsvær.


Looking for a challenge? Lofoten can offer its own school of mountaineering and guided tours of the Lofoten mountains.

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Sea Safari / Deep Sea Rafting on giant rubber dinghies!
 Seeing the Lofoten Islands from a rubber dinghy (RIB) is a fantastic experience. At high speed, we sail among the isles and skerries, exploring the fishing villages, chalk white beaches, the Trollfjord and lots more.
Your hosts at Lofoten Fritids Rorbuer arrange safari trips and facilitate the sale of RIBs. If you want to have your own boat while in Lofoten, we recommend a comfortable RIB, equipped for leisure purposes. They are extremely seaworthy, easy to store – and with your own RIB you can explore the Lofoten Islands all year round, and even embark on your own killer whale safari, see the Lofoten Fishery at close quarters, observe sea eagles, and lots, lots more!

Talk to your hosts!

Dining out?
Several restaurants in the vicinity of Lofoten Fritids Robuer open all year round.
Like to dance?
Like to visit pubs, bars and enjoy live music or a disco in Lofoten?
Lofoten Fritids Robuer recommends:

(walking distance)
  • The “Præstengbrygga”- food and drink in Kabelvåg town square, often live music, and a great atmosphere.
  • Cafe Fabel – food and drink, lunch restaurant.
  • The Lorchstua Restaurant at Nyvågar, Storvågan (Open from March to October, but nonetheless recommended!)

Svolvær, approx. 7-8 minutes by taxi or car

  • The Børsen Spiseri – fish restaurant with an authentic atmosphere.
     [Read more...]
  • The “Kjøkkenet” Restaurant – homely cuisine with plenty of atmosphere and a quayside bar.
  • “Du Verden” - international cuisine, the chef was voted Chef of the Year and is on the national cookery team.
  • Bacalao Seafood Bar - lunch restaurant during the autumn and winter, serving dinner in the evening during the summer [Read more...]
  • Resturant Lofoten -internasjonalt kjøkken.  [Les mer...]

Henningsvær, approx. 25 minutes by taxi or car
The “Fiskekrogen” Restaurant (Open from March to October, but nonetheless recommended!) [Read more...]

Lofoten Fritids Robuer recommends:

Kabelvåg (walking distance)

Præstengbrygga - pub/ bar with atmosphere. Night club during the weekends. Often live music to suit a variety of tastes!

Svolvær, approx. 7-8 minutes by taxi or car.

  • Bacalao Seafood Bar, probably North Norway’s most modern bar concept. Night club at the weekends, often live music.
    [Read more...]
  • Anker Brygge, live music every weekend for a mature audience.
  • Restaurant Lofoten, bar in Svolvær with night club at the weekends, often dancing for a mature audience.
  • Qaia Night Culture, disco and night club for a younger audience.
  • “Styrhuset” Pub. You will meet all kinds of people here. Live music at the weekends. Night club.
  • Magic Ice – the world’s first all-year-round ice bar with exhibition of ice art reflecting life in the Lofoten Islands. We recommend you start your night on the town with an aperitif here. [Read more ...]

    (Night club = open until 2.30 a.m)

More to see and do …

Cultural life in the Lofoten Islands is varied and abundant featuring a number of festivals and events all year round.
For further information, see or Vågan Council’s Culture Calendar.  [
Read more...]
Alpine Skiing Pistes
There are two alpine skiing facilities in the Lofoten Islands, one in Svolvær and one in Stamsund:
Svolvær
Stamsund

Ice Bar
The world’s first all-year-round ice bar with exhibition of ice art reflecting life in the Lofoten Islands opened in March 2004.
For museums/ attractions, galleries and adventures all over the Lofoten Islands,
Please visi
See traditional fisheries culture in other parts of Lofoten:
For further details, please visit

Everything you need to know about Lofoten:


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