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Lofoten in Brief

  • The archipelago has a surface area of altogether 1227 square kilometres.

  • About 24,500 people live in the region.

  • It is 168 kilometres by car from Fiskebøl near Vesterålen in the north to, Å at the end of the E10 road. From the Lofotodden headland, on the southern point of the island of Moskenesøy, it is over 60 km as the crow flies to Skomvær, the southernmost point in Lofoten.

  • Lofoten stretches out to sea in a south-westerly direction like a mountain wall. Between the mainland and the Lofoten Wall lies the Vestfjord. Lofoten is mountains and peaks, the great ocean and sheltered coves, beaches and large expanses of virgin countryside.

  • Lofoten has some of the oldest rocks in Europe, and the second oldest in the world. We also find the world’s biggest coral reef here, together with major oil deposits.

  • The Lofoten Islands are also one of the areas in Norway where birdlife is most abundant. We have the greatest cliffside seabird colonies in Scandinavia, and exotic and arctic plants can be found side by side here.

  • For thousands of years, Lofoten has been the spawning place for the Norwegian Arctic cod.

    Lofoten is a miniature Norway.










View from Lofoten Fritids Rorbuer towards Vågar.

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